Frequently Asked Questions

We set out below the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive about deals featured on the Grab-a-Deal-Fiji website. Unless stated otherwise in The Fine Print section of the specific deal, these answers apply to all Grab-a-Deal-Fiji deals.

Universal Fine Print

These are the terms that apply to every Grab-a-Deal-Fiji One Coupon (unless otherwise stated in, or varied by, The Fine Print section of the specific deal):

  1. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash (except to the extent required by law).
  2. All Coupons will have a unique identification code and can only be redeemed once by the holder of the Coupon.
  3. The Coupon we provide to you is only redeemable in respect of the goods or services as advertised in the specific deal on our website.
  4. Coupons can’t be combined with other offers, coupons or promotions, unless otherwise specified by the Merchant.
  5. The Coupon is your sole responsibility. Neither we nor the Merchant will be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen Coupons.
  6. All transactions will be billed in Fiji dollars and are inclusive of VAT.
  7. Restaurant Grab-a-Deal-Fiji Coupons are valid toward alcohol purchases unless The Fine Print states otherwise.
  8. Coupons are not permitted for resale.

1. How long do I have to wait to use my Grab-a-Deal-Fiji Coupon once I've purchased it?

Generally, you can use most Grab-a-Deal-Fiji Coupons the day after you receive them, but in some limited cases you may need to make a booking with the featured business (i.e. a restaurant).

If a deal has reached the minimum number of buyers and the deal has been confirmed, we will then process the relevant payment on your credit card and send an email to you containing a link to the Coupon, which you can open and print.

2. Can I give this Grab-a-Deal-Fiji Coupon to another person as a gift?

Yes, you can give your Grab-a-Deal-Fiji Coupon to whomever you want, or use the gifting options to email or print it for a friend. Don’t worry if your name is on the Coupon you are gifting. As long as the unique identification number hasn’t been previously used, your friend won’t have a problem redeeming it. However, if there is a problem redeeming the Coupon, you will be the only person eligible to claim for a refund under the Grab-a-Deal-Fiji Promise. If you are eligible for a refund under the Grab-a-Deal-Fiji Promise, we will give the refund to you and not your friend.

3. The Fine Print says "Limit 1 per person" or "May buy multiples as gifts." Can I buy myself some Grab-a-Deal-Fiji Coupons as gifts to myself and use more than one?

No. If the fine print says this, you can only redeem one Coupon per deal. If you buy more than one Coupon for a deal then you have to give those Coupons away as gifts to other people.

4. With Restaurant Grab-a-Deal-Fiji Coupons, can I use Coupons for alcohol?

Yes, unless The Fine Print explicitly states that you can’t. Of course, any sale of alcohol must be in accordance with the Merchant’s liquor licence and in accordance with applicable laws.